Don’t Let Your Plumber Fool You

Don’t Let Your Plumber Fool You

Jack of all trades, master of none’ is a famous figure of speech that can apply to the plumbing field. Just like other trades, such as carpentry, hairdressing and construction; plumbing also requires skills and expertise to perform an impeccable job. These days we have plenty of craftsmen who think they are experts but are simply amateurs! And substandard work is why your plumber makes so many rounds to your property.

Plumbing fixes are expensive, and you will get plenty of recommendations from everyone regarding the correct plumber, leaving you utterly confused. Hiring the right plumber who knows his trade well is essential, so you do not incur additional expenses. A vital tip usually given by homeowners is to hire a certified plumber who lives locally and asks for the correct rate.

If you are a new homeowner and want to avoid getting fooled into signing that inflated rate check your plumber just demanded, check out these handy tips.

  1. A wobbly faucet, shower head or drain is a red flag showcasing sub-standard work by your plumber. He has not attached and mounted your pipes on the wall properly. Ideally, your plumbing fixtures should not be wobbly and fixed with precision.
  1. Caulk, caulk and more are the second red flag for poor craftsmanship. If you see more than a caulk hairline, this clearly indicates that your plumber did not correctly measure the pipe fixture, which is too long. Instead of fixing the bad job, your plumber goes for a quick fix. However, this will cause issues in the long run, and you will need new fixtures.
  1. Another red flag is using cheap, quick-fix accessories for the plumbing job. If your plumber regularly visits the local plumber store and picks up quick-fix accessories, this is a red alert! People end up paying a lot of money for plumbing jobs to be done correctly, and worthless fixtures are the last thing you would want on your property.
  1. Neatness matters in plumbing, so sloppy joints with glue are unacceptable. Usually, inaccurate glue at wrong angles is the reason behind regular flooding once the bad fixtures fail.

Since plumbing is an essential service for your home, it is important to ensure it is carried out hassle-free. If poorly done, even a minor repair can flare your costs up. Hiring the right plumber to do the job is a must, and don’t let anyone fool you into paying them for a lousy job.


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