Are you considering purchasing a real estate in Phuket? If so, it’s important to understand that foreigners can buy and own property in Phuket through various ownership structures and land titles. The process is relatively straightforward and not as complex as it may seem. According to Thai property law, foreigners must […]

As any real estate agent knows, finding quality leads and generating new business starts with cultivating pre-existing relationships. But, if you don’t already have a large referral base or if you are new to the area, generating new leads can be difficult. While novice agents tend to focus more on open houses and cold-calling […]

Despite last year’s setback (when Meta announced it would not renew its leases at several Related Companies-owned properties), the real estate developer recently closed on a string of lease deals totaling roughly 77,000 square feet of prime Manhattan office space at 50 and 55 Hudson Yards. The new tenants include […]

HousingWire recently spoke with Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones Labs, about the importance of the borrower relationship and how Milestones Labs helps mortgage providers build lasting relationships with their borrowers. HousingWire: How has the current market affected the way lenders approach customer relationships? Dustin Gray: You don’t have to be […]

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In accordance to latest facts from the National Association of Realtors, 74% of homebuyers are repeat entrepreneurs, the optimum share on report. That usually means a big greater part of homebuyers have to look at the sale of their present house prior to purchasing a new a person. Soon after […]