Tips For Keeping Your Home Warm This Winter

Winter is a stressful time for many of us. Whether it’s the cold, dark, and dingy outside, or the fact that we often don’t want to leave our homes, we all want to keep home warm this winter. However, with so many things going wrong during winter months it can be difficult to know where to start.

Home Warm

Reduce Draughts

There are several ways to reduce draughts in your home.

  • Use draught excluders. This can be as simple as a piece of fabric, or it may be more permanent, like a curtain fixed with Velcro. The draught excluder must be placed over the area you want to protect from drafts – for example, if you have an open fire door then place a stop-gap on top of it (which will stop any air flowing through). If possible avoid creating gaps between walls and floors by using wall-to-wall insulation where possible; this helps keep heat in during winter months by creating an airtight seal between two surfaces.
  • Check for draughts around doors and windows at least once every six months throughout the year so they don’t become damaged by moisture condensation caused by cold weather! Also check around pipes, radiators, and cables too – these also act like chimneys releasing warm air into rooms so they need protection too!

Insulate Your Loft

Insulation is an important way to keep your home warm during winter. It can be installed in the loft space, under the roof tiles, and on top of them as well. If you have a gable end, then insulating this area is even more important because it will help to stop air from escaping through gaps in your wall insulation, for more information PVCu windows

Insulation can be installed in many different ways and if you’re confident with DIY tools then this might be something that interests you!

Climb Into a Blanket

  • Get a warm blanket.
  • Get a thicker blanket.
  • Get a heated blanket.
  • Get a new blanket and use it to keep yourself warm during the night, when you’re not sleeping with your partner (but still want to be close). This can also be used as an emergency “get out of jail” card if your power goes out because it is so cozy! And don’t forget about those slippers! The best part about having warmth all around is how much easier it makes going from room to room in the house until eventually falling asleep after hours of sitting up talking about what happened at school today.”

Boil Less Water

There are a couple of ways you can save water when cooking. First, use a kettle or thermos for boiling your water. This will reduce the amount of energy required to heat the water and make it last longer in your house.

You can also use pans instead of large pots which will help with saving time as well!

Fire Safely

  • Don’t leave candles unattended.
  • Don’t burn rubbish.
  • Don’t use indoor fires, such as in an open fireplace or fire pit; it can cause carbon monoxide poisoning and even death if you’re not careful about how much air is drawn into your home when using these types of heating sources.
  • Make sure you have enough ventilation so that smoke doesn’t build up inside your house during the winter months! If possible, use an electric fan instead of relying solely on natural means like windows and doors for venting out unwanted fumes from chimneys/stoves etcetera (which will only make matters worse).
Home Warm

Know Your Timers

You can use timers to automatically switch on your heating and cooling systems during the night. This will help you maintain a consistent temperature in your home, which is particularly important if you live in a cold climate or have young children who need to be kept warm.

To set up a timer:

  • Turn on the device that controls your heating or cooling system (e.g., thermostat).
  • Press the “On” button of an appliance that you want to control by setting it as an automated timer (this could be an oven light, boiler, or washing machine). The appliance should now turn on at certain times during the day/night cycle depending on how long it has been off and whether it has been left on all night due to bad weather conditions etc.

Take Shorter Showers

If you’re taking a shower, consider that it uses more than twice the amount of water as a bath and three times as much energy. If you have an old-school bath taking up space in your bathroom, think about replacing it with an efficient showerhead.

You may be tempted to take longer showers because they feel so luxurious and relaxing—but this is not good for the environment! A long hot bath can use up to 15 gallons (50 liters) per minute while taking 6 minutes on average; if that sounds like a lot then try using less hot water and see how much difference it makes!

Turn Down Radiators In Empty Rooms

  • Turn down radiators in empty rooms.
  • Use a timer to turn off radiators when you are not at home or use a radiator valve to control the temperature of the room.
  • Don’t leave radiators on when you go out – it will be too cold for your pet!

Get Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

Here are some tips for keeping warm this winter:

  • Use a thermostat. If you can afford it, get yourself an automatic heating system that will turn itself off when the room temperature falls below a certain level. This is especially important if you have children and pets in the house, as they tend to be more active than adults during colder weather.
  • Turn radiators down. They’re great at keeping your house warm but they also make noise! You should try turning down your radiator speed so that it doesn’t run constantly and make unnecessary noise while you’re away from home (or asleep). It can also help reduce condensation buildup on windowsills because they won’t be exposed as often without being heated up by these hot surfaces nearby; however, this may mean there will be less insulation between them so check out our blog post on how best to insulate those gaps here if needed!


With these tips, you can keep your home warm this winter. And if you’re still worried about the cold weather, there are plenty of ways to make sure that your heating is working as it should. With a bit of luck and some common sense, we think you’ll be able to stay safe and comfortable through this time of year!

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