9 Best Misters to Keep Houseplants Healthy

You may be pondering: how does a plant mister get the job done? Misters assistance to briefly enhance the humidity in the air by coating a plant’s foliage with h2o, kind of like what in a natural way occurs in the rainforest. Misting can also be a fantastic way to aid thoroughly clean dust off leaves and assist in plant propagation. However, not all vegetation like misting — some choose a watering can. We spoke with plant and backyard garden professionals to assist you better have an understanding of which houseplants need misting and what to think about when buying for a plant mister, furthermore maintain scrolling for the ideal indoor plant misters on the industry appropriate now.

Well known vendors like Amazon and Ikea have a range of fantastic options, as do on the web plant searching platforms like Bloomscape and The Sill. We’ve rounded up the finest misters, which include all the things from common plastic spray bottles, to ornamental picks like copper plant misters and glass plant misters with metallic pumps, to higher-tech choices like automated and electric plant misters. There are economical picks (just one is fewer than $5!) like all-reason spray bottles, as very well as some far more ornamental options that make the excellent present for plant enthusiasts — like the Haws plant mister.

Which Houseplants Demand Misting?

Irrespective of whether or not a plant mister is an essential gardening device depends on what sort of houseplants you are developing. Although some plants thrive in humid and moist environments, others do not. “Keep your plants’ purely natural habitats in intellect,” states Erin Marino, plant professional at The Sill. If you’re not sure whether your plant requires misting, Marino indicates asking one important concern: “Is the air humid exactly where my plant is from? If indeed, mist away. If not, set down the mister.”

Epiphytes, or crops that grow on top rated of other crops or trees, benefit most from misting. “Epiphytic vegetation, like air vegetation, have adapted to thrive without having roots in the soil,” says Lindsay Pangborn, gardening specialist at Bloomscape. “Instead, they acquire in moisture by way of their foliage, meaning that normal misting is a need to to retain them well-hydrated.”

Prevalent epiphytic houseplants include things like tillandsia (also identified as air vegetation), orchids and ferns. “You can use a mister to enhance the humidity in your air, which will help the preferred tropical houseplants such as pothos and philodendrons,” states Plant Enthusiast Marcus Bridgewater, also recognised as Garden Marcus on Instagram.

When watering air vegetation, Bridgewater works by using a mister to increase the humidity in the air to aid tropical houseplants like monsteras and calatheas. “I spray the air around the plant so it gets the h2o indirectly,” he suggests. “Too substantially water can trigger the vegetation to rot.”

How to Select a Plant Mister?

When searching for a plant mister, it is significant to think about 3 most important elements: ability, substance and your possess personalized design and style.

  • Potential: Typical plant misters fluctuate in dimensions, generally ranging from 10 to 25 ounces. Pangborn recommends picking a plant mister with a larger sized capacity, about 25 ounces. “I discover having an often-whole mister encourages me to use it far more often,” she claims.
  • Substance: Well known possibilities consist of steel, glass, plastic and ceramic. When choosing a content, it will come down to how you will be applying your mister and your particular choice. While a glass or metal mister might look improved aesthetically, plastic solutions are a lot more light-weight and commonly additional very affordable. “If you have a ton of crops you want to mist regularly, you might opt for a plastic mister due to the fact at a greater measurement, you will want a thing which is extremely light-weight,” suggests Marino.
  • Model: “Since misting plants is actually a utilitarian endeavor, operate need to be the major thought,” claims Pangborn. “That getting stated, having a mister that meshes with your design and style has its rewards, far too. If it matches your aesthetic, you are going to be a lot more probably to depart it sitting out and use it extra regularly.”

    Tip: “Always use area temperature or warm water, and keep in head the high-quality of faucet h2o where you are living. You may well want to use distilled drinking water, rain water or leave tap h2o out right away, to slice down on salt and mineral build-up on foliage.” — Erin Marino, plant qualified at The Sill

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