What Damage Can a Winter Storm Do to Your Roof?

Ice and snow on a roof in winter

Snow and ice could look fairly, but they can trigger a whole lot of difficulties for your roof—especially when blended with other winter temperature troublemakers like wind, sleet, and freezing temperatures. 

Due to the fact the to start with action to shielding your home’s roof is recognition, it’s really worth mastering what can go mistaken with your roofing when harsh storms do harm. Here’s what you require to know as you get prepared to hunker down this winter season:

The Motives Winter Storms Can Cause Roof Damage 

Stormy winter season climate can unleash quite a few things that can damage your roofing. So, be climate informed when you see forecasts like this: 

Substantial Snowfall

Huge amounts of damp snow can be quite weighty, putting a great deal of stress on your roofing, which can sag and crack below the fat. But astonishingly to many property owners, even a handful of inches of snow can be a difficulty. Each individual dwelling is distinct, and so is each roof—some manage major fat better than some others. 

If your roofing is at the conclude of its lifespan, or if the surface area of your roof is very low-sloped or flat, the snow can not effortlessly slide to the ground. The rising pounds of snowfall can induce leaks, sagging, structural harm, and cave-ins.

Higher Winds

In the course of winter storms, the wind can choose up and grow to be extremely powerful. Highly effective gusts and blizzard ailments pose a genuine risk to roofing. The strain can pry up asphalt shingles, curling them or even blowing them correct off—exposing the composition underneath to damaging dampness. Furthermore, higher winds can cause tree branches to fall on your roofing, breaking roof shingles.

Accumulating Ice

A prolonged ice storm can guide to thick buildup on your roof, which like snow, can turn into large adequate to trigger a cave-in. Additional often, nevertheless, freezing precipitation accumulates on your roof, then melts and refreezes as temps increase and slide. This potential customers to ice dams (a thick buildup at the eaves), which block your gutters and direct to leaks.

4 Spots to Check for Symptoms of Roof Damage 

Must a winter season storm bring about challenges in your roofing, you will likely see the outcomes in these 4 places close to your home:

1. Over-all Roof Structure 

Hefty snow and ice can quickly accumulate atop your roof—creating a good deal of fat that presses down and finds weak places. This gets to be much more prevalent as your roof shingles age, and exhibits up as sagging and even cave-ins.   

2. Roofing Shingles 

Growing older roof shingles, which are certainly typical on previous Troy Colonials in our location, are far more prone to very chilly weather. As temperatures fall down to freezing and down below, roof shingles can develop into brittle, crack or crack. Just a few inches of shingle hurt can expose your residence to leaks—leading to mold buildup, wooden rot, and even electrical shorts and fires.

3. Attic 

When roofing is impacted by snow and ice, it can direct to extra humidity accumulating in your attic. You may well have h2o stains, leaks, damp insulation, mildew places, mildew odors, and wood rot. Electrical wires can be uncovered to dampness, triggering shorts and sparking fires.

4. Gutter System 

Snow, ice and large winds can block your drainage program, leading to leaks in the attic and pools all around your foundation—which can induce structural harm. Gutters can also be knocked out of put or broken during a wintertime storm.

Safeguard Your Residence with a Potent Roof from John McCarter Construction   

Still left unchecked, these challenges will go on to worsen, placing your Michigan home’s structure at even more risk and incorporating up to pricey damage. But Do it yourself fixes like sweeping snow and chipping ice off roofing and gutters can trigger even additional roof problems and expose your property to even further humidity damage. So if you see any of these challenges cropping up, contact on a roofing contractor to get an inspection and assistance on following actions proper away. 

Our expert roofing crew at John McCarter Development will cautiously examine your roof for destruction and if it’s time for new roofing, we’ll assistance you find charming, long lasting elements you can count on year soon after calendar year. Learn additional about our roof alternative providers.

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