The Raw Materials of Compressed Earth Block – Block&Brick Making Machine Supplier

What are the compressed earth blocks (CEB)?

Compressed earth blocks (CEBs) are a tough, very low-cost way of building a property, office environment, or neighborhood. CEBs can be employed to make walls, floors or even a roof. The blocks are environmentally helpful, lengthy lasting, and capable to endure the harshest temperature disorders. They also have a lessen embodied electrical power than conventional concrete and brick.

The Raw Materials of Compressed Earth Block – Block&Brick Making Machine Supplier

Compressed earth blocks (CEBs) are a environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly construction material that can be developed with nearby methods and present a sturdy, sustainable, and reasonably priced building remedy. CEBs are made from soil, combination, and drinking water which is compressed to produce blocks. These blocks can be made use of as a substitute for classic components this kind of as cement, wood, brick or block.

What is the finest soil for CEB?

The soil features the 75% sandy soil, and 25% clay soil is great. You can increase 4% to 8% Portland cement to make certain the energy of the compressed block.

The most effective ratio of CEB is: 92-96% soil and 4-8% cement.

If the soil has superior clay, you will need to add the a lot more sandy soil.

If the soil has significant sandy soil, you will need to insert some clay.

The excellent soil: sand:80%. Silt: 10%, clay: 10%

The good soil: sand:65-80%. Silt:-20%, clay: 10-20%

The Soil Content material:

  Sand Silt Clay
Best Soil 80% 10% 10%
Good Soil 65-80% -20% 10-20%


How to determine if your soil is sandy soil?

Sandy soil refers to soil that consists of sand gravel. Sandy soil consists of good particles of limestone, granite, and quartz shaped by erosion, weathering, and fragmentation.

You want to execute a easy squeeze take a look at. You grab a handful of soil that is not incredibly moist, and then squeeze it into a ball to see if the soil can completely type a block or a ball. Sandy soil will not clump, and if sand If the material is also substantial, the soil will operate away from you.


Most soils have a few sections, specifically sand, silt, and clay. Sand has the greatest soil particle measurement, silt has a soil particle measurement in between clay and sand, and clay has the smallest particle dimension.

Sand refers to grains with a particle sizing of .074~2mm that are washed by rain or rolled from the rock soon after weathering.

The sort of soil can also be distinguished. The soil with more than 85% of the dimensions of sand is known as sandy soil.


What are the rewards of compressed earth block?

Heat in winter season and interesting in summer time

CEB is a great thermal insulator, which can retail store warmth in cold winters to make certain that the temperature of the room will not quickly drop.

In the hot summertime, it can also be stored cool very well and will not enable the heat from outdoors the room occur in.

Lower construction price

The raw product soil can be taken locally. There is a large amount of soil all-around you, only a smaller quantity of cement is required, and the expense is significantly lowered as opposed with concrete bricks. And it also lowers the transportation cost of raw materials.

Pollution-free, healthful

Earth is the oldest constructing content. Men and women first utilized soil to make homes.

The uncooked components are all organic and will not release preservatives and toxic gases.

Environmental security, sustainability

The production method of compressed soil bricks does not want to consume a great deal of warmth, since the bricks you make do not will need to be fired, and you can straight dry and get rid of them the natural way.

When the residence wants to be rebuilt in the foreseeable future, these building supplies can even now be recycled.

How to produce compressed earth blocks?

The compressed earth block device generated by Lontto is specifically made use of to make CEB. According to the variation of automation, it can be divided into guide earth block device, semi-automated CEB equipment, and fully automated CEB device.

Initial, mix the soil in a specified proportion, 95% soil, 5% cement or lime, increase an appropriate total of water, mix in a mixer, and then transport the uncooked supplies to the brick device as a result of a belt conveyor, which is hydraulically pushed to push and type.

The ceb machine can develop a wide range of distinct sizes of bricks, just need to transform distinctive molds.

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