The Benefits of Co-Locating Your Business in a Self-Storage Facility

Are you a small company owner looking for a practical way to store your supplies or tools? Then, co-locating your business with others in a self-storage facility is the best option.

Self-storage facilities are often used for personal storage, but small company owners increasingly use them as a flexible and reasonably priced alternative to conventional office or warehouse locations.

In this article, we will reveal the advantages of having your company share space with a self-storage facility, including financial savings, convenience, and increased security. This could be the answer to help your company grow, whether you’re a start-up or an established one.

What is co-location

Do you know what co-location is? It’s an excellent alternative for companies searching for a dependable and affordable way to keep their servers, networking devices, and other items. 

It’s a data centre facility where numerous companies may rent space and utilise the connection, physical security, power and cooling infrastructures without building and operating their own data centres.

But did you know that co-location has branched out into self-storage facilities and data centres? It is real! 

Renting a storage unit is an inexpensive and practical option for companies of all sizes that want to save some money from investing in their own warehouse or office space. This allows them to store their inventory, machinery, and materials.

We’ll check the advantages of moving your company to a self-storage facility in more detail in this post.

What are the benefits of co-locating in a storage facility

Reliability, performance, security, and appropriate storage upkeep are all important when it comes to managing a corporation. 

Co-locating your company to storage facilities is one option for meeting all of these needs. You can count on dependable utilities like electricity, internet, and water supply at a self-storage facility, which is necessary for operating a business.

Additionally, since you may concentrate on your main activities without worrying about facility upkeep, the successful performance of your organisation is ensured. Security measures like alarm systems and video cameras protect your company’s assets. Another advantage is that most self-storage facilities have climate-controlled units and pest-control procedures, guaranteeing proper storage upkeep.

Lastly, insurance options are available to protect your business assets from unforeseen events. Additionally, co-location in a self-storage facility also ensures good storage maintenance. 

These facilities are equipped with climate-controlled units, ensuring that your equipment and inventory are kept in optimal conditions, free from dampness, mould, or pests. 

Furthermore, reputable self-storage facilities have regular maintenance and cleaning schedules to keep their units in top-notch condition, reducing the risk of any damage to your equipment.

Insurance is also a significant benefit of co-location in a self-storage facility. Reputable self-storage facilities provide insurance coverage for the stored equipment, giving you peace of mind knowing that your business assets are protected in the event of any loss, damage, or theft.

How to co-locate your business in a self-storage unit

  • Determine the space required for your supplies, inventory, and equipment before choosing the correct size unit. A unit that is too tiny won’t have enough space, and a unit that is too huge will be unnecessarily expensive.
  • Think about accessibility: Make sure both you and your staff can easily access the storage facility. If you frequently need to retrieve stuff from your storage unit, you don’t want to waste time or effort accessing it.
  • Purchase shelving and storage solutions: To make the most of your space and keep your goods in good order, organise your storage unit by spending money on shelves and other storage options.
  • Implement security measures to ensure the safety and security of your stock and equipment, and install a high-quality lock, an alarm system, and security cameras.
  • Verify the facility’s rules: Make careful to check the facility’s policies and regulations to ensure they comply with your organisation’s needs and demands.

What businesses can co-locate?

Many types of businesses can benefit from co-locating in a self-storage facility. 

For example, small retailers or e-commerce businesses can use the space as a warehouse for inventory storage and order fulfilment. Service-based businesses, such as plumbers or electricians, can use the space for equipment storage and as a hub for dispatching workers. 

Contractors or construction companies can store tools and materials in a secure location. Freelancers, such as writers or artists, can use the space as a studio or office. 

Any business needing additional storage space, workspace, or a combination of both can benefit from co-locating in a self-storage facility. Before choosing to co-locate, businesses should consider their specific needs and ensure the facility can accommodate them.

How self-storage will help your business

Self-storage can offer several benefits to businesses beyond providing a space to store excess inventory, equipment, or documents. 

First, self-storage facilities offer reliable and secure storage options with advanced security measures, such as 24-hour surveillance, security gates, and alarmed units. This added level of security can help businesses protect their valuable assets, reducing the risk of theft or damage.

Additionally, self-storage facilities typically maintain good storage conditions, including climate-controlled units, to protect sensitive materials from environmental factors like heat, cold, and humidity.

Another advantage of self-storage for businesses is accessing their stored items anytime, allowing for easy inventory management and faster order fulfilment.  The benefits of that for your business are saving time and money on logistics and transportation costs.

Finally, self-storage facilities often offer flexible lease terms and affordable rates, making it a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to expand without the high overhead costs of a traditional office or warehouse space.


Co-locating your business in a self-storage facility can be pretty beneficial. You can rely on dependable, secure, insured, and well-maintained storage.

Additionally, it enables you to save administrative expenses, free up priceless office space, and develop a more flexible workspace.

You may conveniently use a storage unit to fulfil your particular business demands with some planning. Utilising the advantages of self-storage will help your company run more smoothly and efficiently.

So, spend some time considering how employing storage facilities might help your business and its’ unique needs.

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