Premium Ceiling Fans You Need For a Modern Home

Premium Ceiling Fans You Need For a Modern Home


An Air conditioner is a need and helps cool the room however might we at any point oversee just with an air conditioner without a fan? If you have a ceiling fan, you can better distribute air throughout the room. Additionally, ceiling fans improve the living room’s aesthetic appeal. This means that you need to buy the right kind of fan that not only looks good but also works as needed. From there, the sky is the limit in this way, picking a tasteful fan for the present-day home requires a ton of thought and arranging. In today’s market, there are different types of fans available to match every kind of room. Let us explore here the different types of ceiling fan present along with their benefits and specifications to help you make your choice.

Certain types of fans we must go for in our modern homes

Premium Fans

Premium ceiling fans have metallic or matte black finishes for a sleek and contemporary appearance. They are usually equipped with features like remote control, reversible blades, and multiple speed settings to go well with modern or contemporary decor. These Designer fans are accessible in a scope of sizes, from little to enormous, making them reasonable for various room sizes. They are the best option for people who want to give their living room a touch of class.

Rustic Ceiling Fans:

Rustic ceiling fans typically feature wooden blades and wrought iron finishes or natural-looking finishes. These fans also come in a teak wood finish and are designed to complement traditional or rustic decor styles and are available in different sizes and styles. Rustic ceiling fans are the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of warmth and comfort to their living space.


Power saver Ceiling Fans

Power-saver fans are designed to make a fan run at lower power consumption and save energy. With a BEE-approved 5 Star rating, the fan ensures optimal air delivery with energy savings. The body of the motor is made of aluminum alloy and has double ball bearings of ZZ sleeve type, which provide enhanced protection and grip. To save on electricity bills in the long run, these fans are a great option. Power saver orpat fans have all the mentioned features and are a must-check.


Smart Fans

Smart ceiling fans come with Wi-Fi connectivity and can be controlled using a smartphone app or a voice assistant like Alexa or Google Assistant and comes with energy usage monitoring. Some of these ceiling fans with Remote can work with remote control and app remote with LED feature. The timer allows one to schedule a specific time for turning on/off the fan. They are available in various styles, including contemporary and rustic, and can be integrated with other smart home devices for a fully automated home experience. Smart ceiling fans are the perfect choice for those who want to add a touch of technology and convenience to their living space. At Orpat, one can find some of the best fans in India to provide much-needed comfort to users.

Silent fans for a sound sleep 

Traditional ceiling fans are known to make a lot of noise and can be disruptive for those who are sensitive to any noise in sleep. However, with the advent of newer technologies like Brushless Direct Current or commonly known BLDC fans, there is no noise produced due to the absence of brushes and their friction. These BLDC fans not only are silent but also are long-lasting, durable, and consume lesser watts thereby saving electricity bills in the long run. Powered by BLDC technology, it consumes 50% lesser electricity as compared to regular fans, making it a pocket-friendly & environmentally correct choice.


We have seen here different types of ceiling fans required for a modern home. Explore the portfolio of ceiling fans on orpat group website to see what type of fans suits your home décor, budget, and liking. 

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