PareauLux: bringing visual, acoustic and thermal comfort together

Unique in its versatility, the PareauLux Climate ceiling has been a top-selling system for Hunter Douglas Architectural in the Netherlands for some time.

Introducing this successful line into new markets marks an exciting new chapter in its history. PareauLux is a result of collaboration between Hunter Douglas and Inteco, two leading players in the climate and ceiling industry. While Hunter Douglas brings distinctive design and material use of the panels to the table, Inteco stands out for its innovative climate systems with extremely high cooling capacity.

Three different versions

The beauty of this unique collaboration lies in its versatility. PareauLux is available in three versions, each adjustable to the client’s specific needs and aesthetic wishes, and the system comes in several colours and panel sizes:

PareauLux 30BD Climate Ceiling

The original application, made of durable roll-formed aluminium, it is finished with a coating for a long lifespan with little maintenance.

PareauLux HeartFelt®

A modular, linear felted panel made of non-woven thermoformed PES fibres, which gives a room a wonderful warm and cosy touch.

PareauLux Veneered Wood Grill

Wooden grill ceilings are timeless. Due to the stability of natural wood, there is a wide choice of width, thickness and dimensions.

High Tech Climate ceiling technology

PareauLux’s built-in climate system’s high-cooling power makes it truly one of a kind. With the PareauLux climate system that Inteco designed, this capacity is more than a standard climate ceiling.

For Pieter van Rees, Business Development Manager at Hunter Douglas Architectural, introducing PareauLux into new European markets was a logical next step. “For several years, we have seen its popularity rise in the Netherlands,” explains Van Rees. “Its highly efficient cooling system of 130 W/m2 is more powerful than other systems on the market, with up to 80% more capacity. That effectively means less ceiling surface is required for cooling. It’s more energy efficient than standard air conditioning systems and efficiently achieves the highest possible performance. Another fantastic feature is that it does all this completely silently. This makes PareauLux an excellent choice for many buildings.”

Aesthetic possibilities and perfect acoustics

Thanks to Hunter Douglas Architectural, there are many myriad aesthetic options, providing designers with great artistic freedom to design PareauLux to meet their specific needs. The underlying climate technology can also be aligned throughout an entire building.

The acoustics of PareauLux are also noteworthy because excellent acoustics are the secret to a comfortable indoor environment. Exceptional acoustic values can be achieved with the HeartFelt® felt system. The absorption values (aw) of this climate ceiling are between 0.45 (module 100) and 0.70 (module 50). For additional absorption (approx. 0.95), a mineral wool blanket in black PE film can also be applied above the climate element. This also applies to PareauLux Wood Grill. The PareauLux 30BD ceiling panels can be perforated with a sound-absorbing membrane, which improves the acoustic comfort of a room significantly.

To learn more on Hunter Douglas’s High tech ceiling technology, click here.

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Tue Mar 28 , 2023
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