‘One is nearer God’s heart in a garden’ | Columns

Gardens are man’s design to showcase God’s most beautiful handiwork. They are one of my favorite places to spend time. Maybe that is because my mother loved them, too. She always had her own greenhouse and the green thumb to go with it.  I have learned that a green thumb is nothing but devoting extra time and effort on growing plants. Too bad I didn’t inherit that from her. I do work some with my plants, but nothing excessive. Willingness to do that is the key ingredient.

She had a metal sign in what she called her “special” garden-the one on which she focused all her attention. It read, “The kiss of the sun for pardon/the song of the bird for mirth/one is nearer God’s heart in a garden/ than anywhere else on earth.” After all, He first placed man in a garden before man messed it all up. 

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