How to Remove Haze from Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Engineered hardwood floors are known for their attractive appearance and shiny look. They are long-lasting and give you the greatest benefit, but what about that haze that tends to appear out of nowhere?

If you have installed this flooring, then you must have experienced this case once, or you might have explored how to remove haze from engineered hardwood floors. Isn’t it? I went through the same situation, so I know exactly what you must do to get out of this mess.

Daily vacuuming is crucial to keep germs out of your floors. Using the suited cleaning solution and holding on to water use are equally important. Using vinegar solution is also required to remove haze from your floors.

Knowing the authentic cause will help you not to let this issue happen again. Moreover, it will assist you in keeping the shine. Without further statements, let’s get straight to the point.

The Cause of Haze on Engineered Hardwood Flooring

When I experienced this issue, I instantly looked for all the attributes and why it happened. The wrong cleaning solution is the immediate cause of haze buildup; that’s why it is necessary to focus on the cleaning solution you use on your delicate wooden floors.

Haze on Engineered Hardwood Flooring

A few cleaners possess dangerous bacteria or wax that harms your floors. Moreover, engineered floors are not waterproof, and using a lot of water on these floors can also result in a haze. I have listed a few typical causes of hazy floors.

Check the list below to avoid mistakes in the future.

1- The Inappropriate Cleaning Solution

As said earlier, dull-engineered floors result from wrong and inappropriate cleaning solutions. The broad range of cleaning solutions has confused us because we have no idea what to pick and ignore. Isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the products I have been using to clean my charming floors are no longer compelling because of some harmful chemicals. Moreover, using cleaners containing wax or soap also makes the floor dull. It is the major reason why a film on hardwood floors occurs.

2- Excessive Water

I have said many times that engineered wood floors are not waterproof, so using extreme water brings a lot of damage and it also causes a haze. The use of water is essential to clean the floors thoroughly, but it is up to you how you will manage.

A steam cleaner is the worst enemy of wooden floors because all the moisture emits from this cleaner joins the planks, causing a lot of disturbance. A few vacuum cleaners are also not appropriate to use. Moreover, a few accessories, including a beater bar and rotary brush, also provide harm.

3- The Wrong Finishing

Finishing off your floors must be done right to avoid this inconvenience. When you apply a cleaner on unsealed floors, it induces a haze and other problems. Hence, it is better to ask a professional as they know how to conclude their work.

Sometimes, we apply the second coat before waiting for the first coat to dry. If you make the same mistake, you will keep experiencing such problems. Never rush for the installation because if it is done wrong, you might need to reinstall the floor.

4- Excessive Cleaning Solution

Using the incorrect cleaning solution is not the only thing you should worry about. Excessive use of cleaner also generates a haze on engineered hardwood floors. Out of all the cleaners, using a small quantity of bona is enough to retain the shine.

I apply this cleaner once weekly because using it daily will invite different problems. Moreover, it is vital to minimize the use of water or solution.

These few common mistakes cause a haze on your engineered wooden floors, so keep these points in mind not to let these mistakes occur in the future.

How to Get a White Film Off Hardwood Floors?

Now you must be keen to know all the solutions to make wood floors look new again. Whether you have installed simple wooden floors or engineered floors, and have haze, follow the same steps defined below.

1- Refinish and Sanding

The first method I followed to get rid of this problem is I refinished the floor by extracting the existing finishing. However, you can not follow this method every time because restrictions are applied on refinishing as per the plank thickness.

Sanding Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Ensure the haze doesn’t buildup again and again because you already know the causes. If it happens for the first time, resand and refinish the floor to avoid this situation. The process is simple and can be done at home.

2- Use the Right Solution

Be conscious about using a solution because the wrong one can harm the surface, as said above. I suggest an Ammonia solution that doesn’t contain deadly chemicals. Please bring a bottle of Ammonia and mix it in equal water.

For using this solution on your floors, you can take a mop or a sponge. This solution will withdraw white cloudy spots and will thoroughly clean the surface. Do not overuse it, and keep the water limit minimum.

3- Regular Use of Vinegar

You are missing something big if you have never used vinegar for cleaning purposes. Vinegar dissolved in water is the best solution to pull stains, haze, and other grime from different flooring types. I always apply this solution with a mop, so my floors shine again.

If my floors look dull, I add baking soda because it makes this solution effective. Keep the quantity as per the requirement and don’t exceed the limit. I am sure you will be the happiest after following this Vinegar solution method.

4- Mineral Spirit to Remove Haze

If the haze occurs due to wax, you should remove it before it becomes challenging. A mineral spirit would be the right fit to remove the wax from the floor. I have never experienced this problem, but if you ever deal with it, you know the solution.

5- Regular Use of Vacuum Cleaner

If you regularly use a vacuum cleaner on your floors, you will never have to clean your floors now and then deeply. Vacuum cleaners not only keep the dust away but are also helpful in retaining the shine. Bring a vacuum that is excellent for your floors.

Using vacuum on Engineered Hardwood Flooring

For engineered hardwood floors, you can check different brands offering valuable products, including Kenmore, Shark, etc. The haze never happens on clean floors free from grime and dust.

6- Combine Mayonnaise and Olive Oil

How often have you used mayonnaise in food items to make them delicious? This time, use it in cleaning, and you will be impressed by the results. Initially, I found it odd to use this item, but the results it showed were outstanding.

Add a few drops of Olive oil and water in mayonnaise and spread the solution on the floor. Leave it overnight, so it accurately spreads on the floor. In the morning, rinse the floor and witness the shine.

Some Precautions to Follow

No one wants to see their beautiful floors getting dull or haze buildup, so it is better to observe all the precautions so this issue never happens in the first place. Below I will communicate the tips that will help you stay out of this mess. Carefully check them.

  • When the dust stays on the floor for longer, the chance of haze buildup maximizes, so it is better to protect your floors from dirt and grime by keeping the mats on the door side. Even if dirt enters, release it immediately.
  • The more you regularly clean your floors with a vacuum or a mop, the more the chances of floor dullness reduce. Never skip cleaning, no matter how busy you are.
  • The cleaners you use should be manufacturer-recommended, so nothing goes wrong. Cleaners should not contain harmful chemicals.
  • A microfiber mop would be the right pick to spread the solution on the floor.

Keep these points in mind to avoid this haze buildup problem.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

I have explained how to remove haze from engineered hardwood floors. Let me share a few questions as well that people normally talk about.

Why Do My Hardwood Floors Look Terrible?

After a few years of engineered floor installation, people often ask this question. The wrong cleaning method is the main reason your floors lose their shine and form.

When you use cleaners not suitable for engineered floors, you will keep losing the original look. Always choose a cleaner recommended by an expert.

How to Get a Film Off Engineered Floors?

If your engineered floors have a haze, refinish the surface by removing the old ones. If you do not want to go into refinishing, use an ammonia solution. Mineral spirit is also helpful in cleaning wax from the floor. You will get all the details in this guide about how to get rid of the film.

How to Recover the Old Shine of Engineered Floors?

Refinishing is the correct way to get the lost shine back. Using the right cleaner adds value, and regularly using a vacuum cleaner or a mop also helps in this regard. Do not let foot grime and dirt enter your house because here, the problem arises.

What is the Right Cleaner for Engineered Hardwood Floors?

Homemade solutions are always best. If you want a solution for light cleaning, vinegar, and baking soda are enough. Do not overly use vinegar solution on the floor because the more you keep your floors away from water, the better they will shine.

Can You Refinish Hardwood Floors?

It depends on the upper layer’s thickness layer. If it has enough thickness, you can refinish it a couple of times, but if the thickness is minimum, you can also refinish it once or twice.

Wrap Up

You can find a lot of tips on how to remove haze on engineered hardwood floors. I have explained a few I have experienced since I installed these floors. Haze or film on the floors is the worst condition that should be tackled on time.

Never ignore regular cleaning because it invites a lot of problems. Once you have removed haze from the floors, ensure it doesn’t happen again. Follow the precautions mentioned above to get rid of this issue permanently. Go through the article to get useful information on cleaning haze from the floors.

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