DIY XO Valentines Wreaths Tutorial

XO Valentines Wreaths

I unquestionably enjoy these XO Valentines Wreaths!  Although I did not invent this wreath, I set my own spin on it!  I had observed a wreath similar to these on the net employing white berry branches for the X and purple berry branches for the O, I needed to make two of these wreaths one particular for my sister and 1 a small extra contemporary for my entrance door.  I selected to use a crimson berry wreath I presently had on hand for my sisters’ wreath and I made use of white Styrofoam X’s and O for my wreath.  These wreaths had been extremely quick to make and low-cost.

Materials you will have to have for your XO Valentines Wreaths:
Pink Ribbon
Styrofoam X & O
Red Berry wreath (optional)
White Thread or fishing line

XO Valentines Wreaths

How to make:

  1. Minimize a duration of white thread and loop it close to your X so your X will dangle independently from the hook on your door, leaving a tiny space at the top rated for your bow.
  2. Reduce a 2nd length of thread and loop it as a result of the O place this to be directly beneath your X tie the thread off so the thread will be at the proper size to keep the O correct under the X.
  3. At the time you make a bow reduce a next length of ribbon for your ribbon tail that will go at the rear of the X and O reducing the ribbon just higher than the base of the O.
  4. Sew this duration of ribbon tail to the back of your bow and sew a loop on the back so your bow can hold.

How to assemble: (The use of black and inexperienced “thread” in the beneath graphic is for educational reasons only, you should really use white thread or fishing line for your job)

  1. Hang the bow first
  2. Hang the O
  3. Finally cling the X

The most difficult portion of making this wreath was making the bow!  You can use thread to loop the O to the X if you want, the purpose I did this in a few levels is simply because I used the berry wreath for the O initial and identified the berry wreath was too weighty to hold from the X with out reducing into the Styrofoam.  I would advocate working with fishing line if you have it alternatively of thread far too, you can see the white thread around the pink ribbon but only when on the lookout at it up shut, the fishing line would mix better!

If you really don’t have or want to use Styrofoam allowing you can use cardboard letters or even metal!  I would Love to do this XO Valentines wreath in steel lettering, it would be so industrial!

XO Valentines Wreaths XO Valentines Wreaths




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