DIY Bedroom Makeover Tips for Any Home

Your bedroom should be your oasis, a haven from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. It should be a space where you can relax and rejuvenate, an area that reflects your personal style. Whether you’re looking to create a tranquil retreat in an apartment in Nashville, TN, or a cozy and inviting space in a home in Austin, TX, there are endless possibilities for a diy bedroom makeover on a budget.

To help you get started, we’ve compiled some of the top expert ideas and DIY design tips for when you have the itch to change. Read on to learn more.

DIY Bedroom Makeover Tips for Any Home

1. Establish a timeline

The first thing you should do before starting on a makeover is figure out your plan of action. How long do you want the project to take? What’s your budget? These are important questions to ask yourself before beginning your project.

Meggie Mangione, CEO of Organized Life Design, suggests not starting anything until you figure out the scope and timeline of your project. “This helps determine what you can pack in temporary storage and what you should get rid of,” she says. “For example, if you’re doing a 3-month renovation from June through September, pack your winter clothes to make enough room for the renovation.”

2. Try out a new design style

An effective way to reinvigorate your bedroom is to try a different design style. You could try adding a minimalist touch with simple furniture, or a more relaxed, bohemian feel with loose fabrics and colorful, stylish blankets. Sarah Symonds from Grace In My Space, recommends trying the popular organic modern design style, taking advantage of its casual sophistication. “To implement this style, start with a clean and simple color palette,” she says. Then, add earthy elements with high texture and some rustic character. The pairing between these contrasting elements creates a warm, mindful oasis.”


3. Create an organization plan

An important step in your bedroom makeover should be decluttering. Decluttering and organizing are daunting tasks, but you can make them more manageable by creating a plan. Here are some tips to help you out.

Let go of items that don’t align with the new space you’re creating

When decluttering before your bedroom makeover, Karen Windholz from Sort Toss Repeat says  to start by removing things that have nothing to do with your new design. “Focus on items that add to the goals and aesthetics of your DIY renovation. Letting go of items that aren’t a reflection of the space you are creating opens up the room for new opportunities, possibilities, and a space you deserve.”

Organize one area at a time. 

Take your time and work in short sessions, being as thorough as possible while getting rid of anything unnecessary. “Depending on your timeline,” says Gayle Jacobs from Actually Organized, “you may want to do this in stages. Once you’re done, you can determine what type and how much storage you need.” 

Schae Lewis, CPO with Mission 2 Organize agrees. “Start decluttering by working through one area of your bedroom at a time.” 

Have a box for donation items

Abby Cone from Organizational Logistics suggests deciding on a bedroom and keeping your donation items together. “When organizing items, keep a box handy for donation items,” she says. “Store the boxes by your garage door until you can take them to the donation center.” 

Conquer common clutter culprits 

Lisa Zaslow, Founder of Gotham Organizers, recommends decluttering the tops of your bedside tables and dressers. Next, “put away your clothes in their proper places – don’t pile them on your chair, floor, or bench,” she says. “Finally, organize items in attractive containers and store them in your closets, drawers, and cabinets. Keeping everything clean allows you to see the beauty of your bedroom.”

  • Keep the tops of bedside tables and dressers neat and tidy.
  • Put away your clothes, and don’t pile them on your chair, floor, or bench.
  • Organize items in attractive containers and store them in your closets, drawers, and cabinets so you see the beauty of your bedroom.

4. Only keep what matters to you

Decluttering creates a fresh space, so eliminate anything that doesn’t give you joy. Mary Cornetta, Founder and Owner of Sort and Sweet, states that “before embarking on a bedroom remodel or redesign, it’s essential to declutter. Go through every drawer, check behind and underneath furniture, and decide what you can donate or toss. Consider organizing what you’re keeping into temporary containers if you’re considering a larger project.” 


5. Add texture to your room by using a variety of textiles

Pam Start from Furls Crochet suggests incorporating handmade afghans and blankets. “They are a great way to add texture and color into your bedroom makeover,” she says. “These items also make beautiful heirlooms that can be passed down to future generations.” 

6. Use foundational design elements in your bedroom

Now that your bedroom is clean and clutter-free, start the design process with the essentials. Libbie from A Life Unfolding suggests these three additions:

  1. Texture: Add texture to your room with bedding, rugs, window coverings, or wall accents.
  2. Something organic and natural: Try using wood, plants, or fresh flowers and stems.
  3. A vintage item: Vintage pieces add warmth and depth, helping pull your room together. 

7. Transition your space from summer to fall

As fall gets closer, start transitioning your bedroom decor away from summer. “Put away the white comforter and pastel color pillows and switch to a darker comforter and pillow combination,” says Vanessa Deleon of Vanessa Deleon Associates. “Add some faux fall plants to your dresser to complete the look.” 


8. Decorate your nightstand with unique touches

Decorations don’t have to be grand or expensive. Take your nightstand, for example. Without any additions, it’s a relatively bland piece of furniture. Change that by adding a few simple touches. 

Interior designer Megan Molten suggests styling a nightstand with simple and colorful picture frames, small boxes, plants, and candles. “Small boxes are handy to tuck away remotes, jewelry, and other small trinkets, keeping the space organized and giving everything a place.” 

Even items such as tissue boxes can be revamped, says Ina Wrobel from Crafty For Home. “Customizing the tissue box cover can match the bedroom decor theme. Sewing the tissue box cover from fabric is an easy but stylish way to add bedroom decor on a budget. Use a matching fabric print and color to match the bedroom’s decor theme.” 

Lisa Smith from Simplify Studio believes a bedside table is one of the most important elements in any bedroom. “Be sure to organize it to promote calm, restful sleep,” she says. “Try adding organizational pieces like baskets and drawer organizers to store hand lotion, charging cords, and other items. Add a small vase of fresh flowers and the perfect dimmable lamp to complete the space.” 

9. Invest in quality items to save you money in the long term

If you have the funds, it’s often a wise investment to purchase a few well-made items rather than a roomful of poorly-made furniture. 

Daga from Celebrity Furnishings elaborates: “There Is value in investing in furniture that would last,” he says. “Not only does buying custom, handmade furniture save a lot of money in the long run, it also ensures that the furniture is unique. Because they’re art pieces, custom furniture stays relevant long after it’s made.” 

a moody bedroom

10. If you can splurge, get yourself a new mattress

While most mattresses are made with safe materials, it’s important to check just in case. Helen Sullivan from CertiPUR-US, the authoritative mattress materials certification organization, suggests checking the foam inside. “When buying a new mattress or upholstered furniture, be sure to check that the foam inside is certified by the nonprofit CertiPUR-US program,” she says. “That’s your assurance that the foam inside has been made without harmful chemicals.”

11. Refresh your room with a new coat of paint 

Paint is the cheapest and easiest way to make your bedroom feel like a completely new space. Ryan Hindes from Amerisleep suggests using off-white tones, gentle pastels, and cooling colors to lower distractions and improve your sleep. “Ideally,” he says, “you want a bedroom wall color that is soothing and fades into the background of your mind, rather than a color that pops out every time you look at it.”

12. Elevate your space with a painted stencil

Try using a painted stencil for a high-end finish at a fraction of the cost of wallpaper. Jolin Polasek from Sage Organization & Design elaborates: “Find your favorite stencil online, pick two analogous colors (colors next to each other on the color wheel), and upscale your room with a chic burst of color. Finish your design with more decor pieces from the same color pallet. These steps will immediately elevate the feel and depth of your space.”


13. Create a custom wall wardrobe

Need extra bedroom storage on a budget? “Try transforming old kitchen cabinets into an elegant custom wall wardrobe,” notes Liz Whaley from Liz W Fine Art. “Simply sand the cabinets, give them a freshly painted pop of color to harmonize with your space, and add or paint decorative hardware for the finishing touch. Incorporate floating or built-in shelves between the cabinets for extra customization and style.”

14. Plan ahead for your kids

If you have kids, give their rooms special attention during your DIY makeover. Kids often don’t like change and may have specific requests for their rooms. Ann Dooley from Simple Joy with Ann suggests accommodating them by packing a special ‘busy box,’ making sure to include material that promotes creative and independent play. “For example,” she says, “provide paper, markers, and stickers so they can make signage with their names for their new bedrooms. You can go a step further and include comfort items to help your children feel safe and excited about their new home.” 

15. Switch out your comforter or duvet cover

One simple and impactful way to refresh your bedroom on a budget is to switch out your current bedding. Your bed is the largest piece of furniture in your bedroom, so the bedding you use has a major impact on the tone and tone of the space. When choosing new bedding, opt for different colors and patterns from your last set. This way, you’ll really feel a difference.

If you’re struggling to manage your new duvet cover, the team at Cozy Down has this advice: “To stop your comforter from getting tangled, you need fabric loops on the inside and outside of each corner of the comforter,” they say. “Most products include this, but some don’t. If your duvet cover doesn’t have inner ties, you can carefully stitch them on yourself.” 


16. Create a fresh look with new pillows

Switching up your pillows is another easy way to change up the look of your bedroom without breaking the bank. You can move pillows you already own from room to room, or buy or DIY new covers. This is a great way to add a new color, pattern, or texture to your decor.

Kristin Crane from Design Pool agrees. “Rather than replace your entire bedding set, buy new pillowcases and decorative pillows to add a fresh pop of color and pattern.”

17. Use symmetrical furniture for a special touch

Feng Shui is the Chinese philosophy of arranging your living space to promote the flow of positive energy. The bedroom is the one room in your home that could benefit most from Feng Shui. 

While working on your bedroom makeover, Christel Ferguson from Space to Love recommends focusing on symmetry. “Symmetry is important in Feng Shui and promotes harmonious energy,” she says. “Make sure you have two nightstands of the same size and matching lamps.”

18. Try a creative headboard solution

There are many ways to create a unique headboard for your bed. You could paint a design directly onto the wall, hang a tapestry or rug, or apply wallpaper. Emily Fazio from Merrypad suggests using shiplap and the entire wall as a DIY headboard. “Get creative and use the whole wall as your canvas without relying on a headboard,” she says. “Shiplap is a trending style that can anchor your mattress and box spring.”

19. Evaluate your belongings one last time

Once your makeover is complete and you begin bringing your stuff back into the bedroom, ensure you’re only bringing what you need. Justin Mazurkewicz from The Clutter King elaborates: “Once your bedroom makeover is complete, don’t fill it back up with junk. Be thoughtful about every item you allow back into your bedroom.”


20. Extra tips on making over a guest bedroom on a budget

Perhaps you’re giving your bedroom a makeover to turn it into a guest room or a short-term rental unit. Here are some tips to help you on your way.

Keep your bedroom stocked with extra supplies

Sandra Lane, CPO® with Organization Lane, suggests these three steps for preparing a bedroom for guests:

  1. Stock your guest’s sleep space with a local magazine, a few books, the wifi password, bottles of water, and toiletries to ensure they have everything they need to feel comfortable.
  2. If your guests share a bathroom with other family members, a set of towels in a different color can help avoid accidental sharing and confusion. 
  3. To help your visitors enjoy their visit to the area, look into any special exhibits, shopping centers, or events they may like.

Provide necessities for your guests

To get your new bedroom ready for guests, implement a few touches to ensure an easy setup for you and a great night’s sleep for your guest. “First,” notes Libby Huffines from Libby and Labels, “be sure to have a luggage rack handy for the guest to store their luggage. Second, provide a sound machine and an extra phone charger. Finally, set aside extra linens – towels you want your guest to use and a set of sheets for quick changes.”

Make their stay as comfortable as possible

Dana Barash Robinson, President of Spacial Serenity, Inc., suggests having systems in place to prepare for guests. “Make sure to keep one or two extra sets of towels in the bedroom dresser drawer. In another drawer, keep a set of clean sheets for when your guests leave or if you need to remake the bed in a pinch. If you have room, include a basket with a travel-size soap, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash, and an eye mask.”

Incorporate cozy touches during cooler months

As the season turns from summer to fall, take advantage of the cooler weather by adding some welcoming finishes that your guests will love. Wendy Silberstein from The Aesthetic Organizer suggests incorporating fresh linens, extra pillows, a cozy throw, and an extra blanket for cooler weather. “Ensure the closet and dresser have enough space for your guest’s belongings by using a neutral-toned garment rack,” she says. “For extra convenience, create a charging station via wireless charging tray. Top the room off with fall foliage.” 

Don’t over-complicate your space

When preparing a bedroom for guests, consider keeping the decor simple; an over-cluttered space can make your guests uncomfortable. Cindy Rust from Reinvented Delaware says, “Minimal decor pieces sitting on top of dressers and nightstands leave room for your guest’s items. Also, keep the bedding simple with a bedspread, an extra blanket, and pillows to help guests feel welcome. Include multipurpose vintage furniture for extra utility. Lastly, place folded towels on the end of the bed.”

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