Common Bathroom Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them


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“The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in every home”

​The bathroom is one of the essential rooms in every home, and its renovation can cost a lot. That’s why it’s crucial to make it right and avoid unnecessary costs and regret. It will help if you put a lot of thought into how your bathroom should look. That will help you make this project cost-efficient and create a functional and beautiful bathroom. Luckily there’s an easy way to do it – be prepared and do the research beforehand. And this guide will help you go through it. 

Plan your new bathroom

​Having a plan to ensure you’re satisfied with the final result is crucial. That means you should begin the project with a functional layout that works. Work with a professional to help you develop a design that suits your bathroom space to make the most out of it. Sometimes, you get a simple square or rectangular bathroom, but sometimes, the bathroom can even fit an attic, which requires more planning. You can also research on the internet and look for ideas, example layouts, and inspiration. It’s essential to use the space well but still have all the features easily accessible. Think about the entry and placement of the shower, toilet, and sink, fitting them into the space the best way possible. Only by creating a plan can you be sure you’re doing the right thing and making the bathroom you’ve always wanted. 

Have a realistic budget for your bathroom renovation

You can be unpleasantly surprised by the final bill if you are not careful with how much you’ll spend on this project. Budgeting is critical when renovating a bathroom, as costs can go very high without you even noticing. Make a list of all the things you need to do, so you can list all the supplies and tools you need. Also, if moving into a new home, don’t forget to make a shopping list for your bathroom. You’ll have to get all the essentials to set it up, and these aren’t cheap. Finally, if hiring professionals for any tasks, get their estimate first and know how much their services cost – approximately, at least. Also, don’t go for the first offer you get. It’s wise to compare a couple companies to get the best deal. 

Natural light in a bathroom is best

​Your bathroom can be an enjoyable place where you can start your mornings in a great mood and finish your day in the evening. Allowing natural light and fresh air in is one of the ways to achieve that. You’ll get a brighter bathroom where it’s easier to get ready, but make sure the steam or bad smell gets out much faster. Renovating or building a new bathroom is the opportunity to maximize natural light and allow better airflow. You can go with regular bathroom windows, casement windows, operable skylights, tube skylights, and more. Depending on the position of your bathroom, you might have to work less or harder for it, but there are several ways to maximize natural light. If windows are not an option, ensure enough artificial light to make up for it. An extractor fan is an excellent solution if windows are impossible to get when it comes to airflow and de-steaming. 

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“Adding a window is one of the best things you can do for your bathroom, but don’t forget to consider privacy.”

Don’t let the toilet be the central part of your bathroom

​Don’t let your toilet be the central part of your bathroom. It is essential but doesn’t need to be the main feature that will get the most attention. Place it somewhere on the side, so it’s not the first thing you see when you walk in. You can make a beautiful central sink the star of the show, along with a mirror and some décor. However, to improve your bathroom functionality, you can separate pieces that require more privacy, such as the toilet and shower. That is great for larger families where everyone is in a rush to get ready in the morning. It gives enough privacy so two people can use the bathroom simultaneously. 


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“​A beautiful sink can be the first thing you see, not the toilet”

Tile selection is important in your bathroom

​Tiles are an essential part of the bathroom and a building material you need to get before anything else. Their color, size, and texture decide the most significant amount of how your bathroom looks and its functionality. Making a wrong choice can give you headaches when it’s time to clean them, but also, some tiles can cause injuries. Be sure to avoid slippery tiles for the floor, and also think about how easy they are to clean. You can prevent one of the most common bathroom design mistakes by getting anti-skid tiles that are moisture resistant and, therefore, a much safer option. 

Bathroom storage

​When you think about everything you need for a bathroom, it may seem like there are not so many items on the list. That may make you believe that you don’t need as much storage and forget to include it in your bathroom design. However, bathroom storage is significant, and lack of storage is undoubtedly one of the typical bathroom design mistakes you want to avoid. Whether you have a small or big bathroom, invest effort and money into using extra space for different storage options. Shelves, cabinets, baskets – you name it. They will keep your makeup, cosmetics, towels, hairstyling gadgets, and similar items organized and give your bathroom an elegant and tidy look. 


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“Use every inch of space to add storage and not make the most common bathroom design mistakes”

Select high-quality materials for your bathroom

​Renovations are expensive, and low-quality materials will not save you money in the long run. Cabinet door handles, fixtures, and other items in your bathroom will deteriorate much quicker if you go for the cheapest options on the market. Try to find a perfect balance between quality and price and pick durable materials that will make this investment worthy. 

Completing your new bathroom successfully

Finally, the last of the bathroom design mistakes you should avoid is not taking appropriate measures. Unless you trust these tasks to a professional, be sure to measure everything multiple times. That will ensure everything fits well and you don’t make errors that are expensive to fix. Bathroom renovation is a project you should take very seriously, so be patient, accurate, and remember – Rome wasn’t built in a day


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