To support students, teachers, and staff with their state testing, Rausch Coleman Homes partnered with the 34 Reasons Foundation to gift each student at Millwood Middle School in Oklahoma City a TI scientific calculator. Scientific calculators are often expensive, typically over $100, and can present a financial burden to students […]

HousingWire recently spoke with Dustin Gray, CEO of Milestones Labs, about the importance of the borrower relationship and how Milestones Labs helps mortgage providers build lasting relationships with their borrowers. HousingWire: How has the current market affected the way lenders approach customer relationships? Dustin Gray: You don’t have to be […]

Operating with a true estate agent can significantly simplify your expertise obtaining or advertising a dwelling. This write-up will protect numerous topics, together with how to choose a serious estate agent, what to appear for, how to make an educated conclusion, and far more. Here are seven ideas to aid […]

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