Creating a sustainable backyard is essential for anyone looking to reduce their environmental footprint. With careful planning, you can design an outdoor space that looks great and reduces environmental impact. In this article, we’ll provide tips for designing an eco-friendly outdoor space to help you create a beautiful oasis while […]

As the world moves towards a more sustainable way of living, eco-friendly kitchen decorating ideas have become increasingly popular. We will surely see even more innovative ways people integrate sustainability into their lives to create beautiful and functional homes. Whether using renewable materials or energy-efficient appliances, there is no shortage […]

Are you the type of person who loves hosting fine dinner parties and cocktail hours? At Hammer & Hand, we can appreciate the need for a smartly designed space to elevate hosting potential to the next level. Here are five such projects that our expert craftspeople have built for dinner […]

Carpenter and Site Lead Carrie has been with Hammer & Hand for three and a half years now. An artist and tinkerer, Carrie has always enjoyed building things, including making clothes and handbags for over two decades. Born in Pismo Beach, California, Carrie grew up in Ventura and San Luis […]