About Grump

Many people will tell you the name fits me well. I irritate easy and I don’t usually pull any punches. Although I do not purposely insult or demean, some have been hurt by my comments. Get over it.

The name was given to me so long ago I have forgotten by who or for what. I wasn’t even old when I was tagged with this nic-name, but I most certainly am now. I’ve grown to like the name – obviously, or I wouldn’t have started www.GrumpsPlace.com all those years ago – and I try to honor its image and respect its power. It comes easy. ‘Course, a lot of people just call me an ass… or worse.

My interests are diverse and I hope you will find something here that holds your attention for a while. If not, I have several other websites that might have more of what you’re looking for. If you’re just looking to learn a little more about me (you really need to get a life), you’re welcome to see the BS I wrote about myself at 1 Foot in the Grave.

Since I already spent an inordinate amount of time bragging and sniveling there, I don’t see any reason to say any more here. So…