A House to House a Tinny House

My customers, a lovely couple from California, had a pretty simple but unique requirement, they wanted a house that could house their beloved tinny house. Everything else was secondary, but still they manage to find a wonderful property, in a peaceful location and a lovingly updated house within their reduced budget.

It took us a while to find this jewel, they initially put an offer on a different property that turned out problematic, since the inspection unveiled serious issues with the foundation. The bad news about that original property was a blessing in disguise, since it gave us a second chance to look and find their final and ten times better property.

The tinny house was installed right after the purchase closed, adding an extra layer of uniqueness and fun the the original property. It will provide living arrangement options to my customers adding versatility and value to their investment.




Ana de la Rua

Broker | OR


Growing up in Barcelona, Spain, Ana de la Rua’s first interest was in fashion. She started her professional career as a pattern designer working for several local apparel companies. She was also deeply attracted to the distinct architecture of the city, its tumultuous history of urban development, and Barcelona’s characteristic avant-garde art. When she moved to Portland 22 years ago, she found a friendly welcoming city immerse in rapid change. The Pearl District was starting its transition to urban living, the culinary scene was in its infancy but rapidly becoming a national phenomenon and over the years she discovered exciting neighborhoods full of charm and promise. All in all, Portland became her adoptive city and the one she and her family proudly call home. Ana’s interest in real estate started while looking for her first home. She enjoyed the discovery process of finding a place to live but also finding herself through that process: the emotional rollercoaster, the jumping of hurdles, the financial implications, the effects in lifestyle. Since then she has moved four times, living in several neighborhoods of Portland and its suburbs, until she found her ideal home in NE Portland, where she now resides. She also co-founded a real estate investment company, implementing her vision on neglected homes, remodeling and making them energy efficient for renters in need of sound places to live. It was while looking for investment properties on her own that she had the “epiphany” of becoming a real estate broker. It was extremely challenging to find the right property to buy as the market was becoming increasingly competitive but she was able to find her way around and land successful transactions. She also realized that she had what she appreciated in a good broker: loyalty, commitment, perseverance, patience, and a true passion for all things real estate. It is with all this in mind that Ana is hoping to team with you in your next real estate adventure! A little more about Ana:

  • When not working she enjoys traveling and spending time with her husband, daughter, and Martha (the doggy), going out with her girlfriends, cooking, entertaining friends, reading, making crafts, and finding all sorts of deals.
  • She has a major in Finance and a minor in International Economics from PSU as well as an Arts Degree in Industrial Pattern Making and Design from Institut de la Moda de Barcelona.
  • Proficient in Spanish and Català (native languages).
  • Loves walking and biking around Portland neighborhoods.

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