Thinking of remodeling and adding new flooring to your home? Before you start looking, spend some time debunking the most common flooring myths that homeowners still believe. Myth: Laminate floors are inferior and look cheap There once was a time when Pergo dominated the laminate flooring market. It came with […]

Construction is a risky business by almost any measure: It not only has one of the highest business failure rates of any industry, but construction work also sits atop the list of the most dangerous jobs. In 2019, the construction industry accounted for about 20% of all work-related fatalities in […]

Homes and lifestyles changed when everyone stayed home for a year. Suddenly, you looked at your space a bit differently. Do you really need a guest room that sits idly by almost every day of the year? Or how about that extra space in the basement, the one with boxes […]

This fall has been a mixed bag, to say the least. We’ve had listings that have received multiple offers and we’ve had listings that have sat on the market. We’ve had buyers successfully purchase homes amid competition in multiple offers and we’ve had buyers purchase properties with upwards of ten […]

Period properties can be incredibly attractive, particularly if they still have those gorgeous characteristics that add a certain charm and are aesthetically pleasing. While these kinds of properties can be desirable, ones that haven’t been renovated for decades can also be a lot of work for their new owners. Image […]

One of the most exciting and revolutionary ideas in the realm of sustainable city design is the superblock. Superblocks promise to make cities greener, cleaner, and more livable. All they ask in return is to reclaim streets from cars and give them back to people. Championed in Barcelona, Spain, superblocks have […]

The HardieZone system is based on eight climate variables. These variables are rain, hurricanes, UV exposure, hail, snow, temperature ranges, humidity, and topographical factors. While evaluating the different variables, the company was able to distinguish ten different climate zones.  Unfortunately, they could not create ten different products for each zone. […]