18 Ingenious DIY Hot Tub Plans that are Budget Friendly

After the hectic routine of the long day, a bath in the hot tub with beautiful views of your glorious backyard will relax your body. In this article, you will learn about 18 ingenious DIY hot tub plans that are budget-friendly.

Purchasing a hot tub and installing them will cost you more, but you can fulfill your dream of having a warm bath with the splendid scenery of nature by DIYing cheap hot tubs in your backyard. There are many advantages of constructing a DIY hot tub.

DIY Hot Tub Ideas

1. Cedar Hot Tub

The cedarwood tub is simple, and it is fired with wood. Wood keeps the temperature of the water perfect. Start your process of building your hot tub by gathering the materials that are required.

As cedar wood is expensive, the secret of buying high-quality cedar at a low price is don’t buy it with knots, dents, and damages; it should be clear. Cedar with tight grains is not recommended; you can find it in grade 2 lumber.

You will be using a cross saw for cutting cedar. Cut the wood pieces in half to get staves. Staves are the narrow pieces of wood used for the sides of the tub. Cut 3 feet long and 3 ½ inches wide boards of cedar. These boards must be completely clear.

Cedar Hot Tub

The most important step is the stave joinery. Your project will be successful if you do good joinery of staves. Use a router to make joints on each stave with a radius of 1 ½ inch.

One side of the stave should be round, and the other should be cut to the inner side to get convex and concave sides. To make the base of the tub, join the boards and draw a perfect circle. Now cut the circle.

Use tension cables to assemble all staves to make the tub’s sides. Make benches for the insides of the tub according to the size of the tub. Install benches and floor drain in the tub. Fill the tub with water and check for leaks. Install a wood stove in the tub to heat a water tub.

2. Japanese Hot Tub

This tub looks gorgeous. It is round but has a hexagonal bench inside the tub. It is very distinctive, and there are steps to get into the tub easily.

Japanese Hot Tub

The heating system is placed behind the Japanese tub. This tub is also made from cedar, and they have only design differences.

3. The Chofu Hot Tub

The setup of this hot tub is unique. A small wood stove is outside the tub, and a pipe is connected to the tub to keep the water warm. This tub is made of metal. Two openings from the tub are connected to the stove.

One tub opening is connected to the cold water to fill the tub. As the water heats in the stove, it is poured into the tub. No pump is required to do it, and the power of the thermo-siphon does this.

The Chofu Hot Tub

This hot tub can be installed in an hour. Every 45 minutes, it puts fuel on the fire and stirs the water. The temperature of a 250-gallon will be 104 degrees Fahrenheit in 4 hours.

Keep a lid on the tub when not using it and keep it insulated for improved efficiency. Do not use chemicals in it to increase its life.

4. Concrete Hot Tub

To get a sturdier hot tub option, concrete is the best option. Select an outside area far from your neighbors. Measure 500mm deep, 1700mm wide, and 2200mm long area and dig it to make a hole.

Concrete Hot Tub

Now, lay a plastic sheet on it and fill the hole with 150mm of concrete. Wait for one day to let the concrete set. The next day, build the outer walls of the tub using blocks. For the pipework, ten water jets will be required to position around the edges, and nearly 70 welds and joints will be required.

5. The Natural Hot Tub

A bath in the natural hot tub is the most relaxing way to take a break from your hectic routine. It does not matter that your backyard is small; you can make a hot tub that you and your friends will like.

Natural Hot Tub

This tub is made into the ground, and a finish of stones and a waterfall are given to it. To make this tub, you must have a little carpentry skill.

6. Hot Tub Solarium

Have a wonderful experience in an enjoyable space by building a sheltered hot tub. You can buy solarium kits and easily DIY them.

Hot Tub Solarium

This is a greenhouse. A concrete slab is required for it. The manual given with the kit has written all the details and dimensions.

The slab can be extended to the house so that you don’t have to go outside to bathe and prevent dirt from entering the solarium. To give the appearance of a rock, you can stamp and dye the concrete slab with a slate texture.

7. DIY Pallet Hot Tub

This idea of a hot tub is cool. Recycled materials are used in it. It’s a good idea to make new things from old materials. To build this, an old tub is used as a base. The tub’s sides are filled with foam and pallets to hold it in shape.

DIY Pallet Hot Tub

It is almost free of cost and looks nice. To DIY this tub, first, gather all the required materials for it. Install the pallet skin and all the connectors. Fasten the PVC pipes to the connectors. Trim the top of the tub and enjoy it by filling it with water.

8. In-Ground Hot Tub

This large in-ground hot tub is suitable for a large family if you can afford it because it is costly. It gives all your family members a chance to enjoy bathing in one hot tub.9

In-Ground Hot Tub

9. Stock Tank Hot Tub

Most people like a large hot tub because they think it’s a perfect place to spend time together with the whole family members, young and old. By spending little money, you can make this enjoyable tank pool.

Stock Tank Hot Tub

There will be no worry about the too warm water in the tub for kids. The depth of this tub is ideal for your children. There is an option to slow the heat of the tub, as required.

10. Solar Hot Tub

You can make a solar hot tub by spending only $300. This can be perfect for you if you can’t afford the costly tubs. A standard tank with a foundation of concrete block is used in it.

Solar Hot Tub

A small stove is under the tub to warm the water, and the solar system provides the rest of the heat.

11. Spa Tub

You can make this tub by building any tub you like. This is a spa tub, and salt is used to clean the water instead of other disinfectants like bromine or chlorine.

Spa Tub

In this tub, a chlorine generator or salt water chlorinator is used to convert salt into chlorine for sanitizing the water.

12. Wood Hot Tub

This tub is made of pine which is inexpensive lumber. There is a firebox attached to this tub to keep the water warm. This is not an easy DIY project, but if you build your wood hot tub, you can save a lot of money.

Wood Hot Tub

With the help of trusted experts, hard work, and research, you can get a wonderful outdoor bathing space cost-effectively. First, gather all the right tools and materials to start this project.

Making a hot tub out of pine wood is the same as a cedar wood tub. As cedar is an expensive option, which is not affordable for everyone, you can use pine wood.

13. Rubbermaid Hot Tub

If you want a cost-effective option, you must be creative when you have to build something. This is 100 % true when you are building a hot tub. A 300-gallon Rubbermaid is used in this type of hot tub, which you can get by the tractor supply.

Rubbermaid Hot Tub

A heater which is controlled electrically is used in it. A wooden box and some PVC pipes will be required for it. Water can be kept warm at nearly 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

14. DIY Hot Tub Steps

Steps are very necessary for any bathtub. If a tub does not have steps, it won’t be easy to get in and come out from it. It is especially important for kids and older people.

DIY Hot Tub Steps

You can build easy steps from your deck to the tub. Another main advantage of steps is keeping your feet out of the dirt. So, there is no risk of spoiling the tub water.

15. Inflatable Hot Tub

Making everything from scratch does not mean DIY a hot tub. You can buy an inflatable hot tub and establish it yourself. It is an easy-to-install tub; therefore, you can call it a DIY hot tub.

Inflatable Hot Tub

16. Wood-fired Stone Masonry Hot Tub

If you are a mason, making this tub will be easy. This tub is made of stones with the most beautiful wood setting. The water is kept warm through a fire stove.

Wood-fired Stone Masonry Hot Tub

17. Small Hot Tubs

These are small hot tubs made for only one person. Usually, tubs are not made for one person, but these are made if someone wants to detox his body, relax, and take a bath outdoors. The wooden hot tub made for one person costs $100 only because this is a small tub.

Small Hot Tubs

18. Bathtub Ideas

Normally, a bathtub is considered to carry hot water. For this reason, you can use an old bathtub in an outdoor space and convert it into a hot tub. If you have no old bathtub, you can look for it with contractors who are removing old bathtubs.

A deck can also be added to your recycled hot tub. Build a fence of cedar wood where you can keep your arms. You can also use it as a table.

Considering Important Details When Building a Hot Tub

You have a lot of choices when constructing your hot tub. You must consider some important details while building your unique project.

You can select the exact shape and size; this is the major benefit of constructing a hot tub. Whether you like a small tub with a single person or a large tub to bathe the whole family, the dimension is your choice.

When you have to DIY hot tubs, particularly those made from repurposed and recycled materials, you can use your creativity to build your tub. Tanks of various sizes, pallet tanks, or other reworked materials can be used in building the tub. While some DIYers use boards of pine and cedar.

It would be best if you considered the best location for your bathtub. Many people like to build their hot tubs on their patios or outdoors, but you can also build them indoors. You must measure the area before starting your project of building a hot tub.

You must personalize building your hot tub, but you must not be penniless yourself while doing it. You must save money if you have picked your materials and plans cleverly.

There are many heat sources for building hot tubs. Most are propane tanks, solar power, wood-burning stove, and heating pumps. You must select a heat source that works best in your selected area.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Possible to Build Your Hot Tub?

Building your hot tub has many advantages and is not so difficult. Building your own tub means you can use your choice’s features, dimensions, and materials.

How Can I Construct My Hot Tub?

Many options are available to build your hot tubs. Some are easy to make, while some are difficult. Hard work is necessary for any DIY project. You can also make hot tubs with recycled materials.

How Do You Cost-Effectively Build a Hot Tub?

The easiest and cheapest way to construct your hot tub is by wood pallets. Another way to install cheap hot tubs is using repurposed and recycled materials.

What is the Price to Build a Stock Tank Hot Tub?

The cost to build a stock tank hot tub is $700.

Is the Maintenance of Hot Tubs Costly?

The chemicals required to maintain the hot tubs cost $20 per month. But, this depends on the water system you use.

Final Thoughts

In this article, you learned about 18 ingenious DIY hot tub plans that are budget-friendly. Having a bath in a hot tub is a good way to relax your body after a hectic day. You can select any tub of your choice and DIY it in a beautiful location.

Use high-quality materials to construct the hot tubs for a long time. Select any hot tub according to the location. If you are looking for cheap options, hot tubs made from repurposed and recycled materials are the best.

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